Who are the top 10 scorers in NBA History

top 10 scorers in NBA History

NBA Legends: The Top 10 Scorers in Basketball History


Basketball is a game of passion, skill, and incredible athleticism, and the NBA (National Basketball Association) has been the stage where legends are made. For decades, fans around the world have witnessed some of the greatest athletes to ever grace the hardwood, and the legacy of these players lives on through their remarkable scoring achievements. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the impressive careers of the top 10 scorers in NBA history, celebrating their extraordinary contributions to the sport.

1. LeBron James (38,450 Points and Counting):

LeBron James, the “King” of the current generation, has been rewriting the record books and continues to climb the scoring ladder. With a combination of size, skill, and basketball IQ, LeBron has surpassed countless milestones, and his total points tally stands at over 35,000, making him the youngest player to reach this elite company.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 Points):

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the towering center known for his iconic skyhook shot, stands atop the list of the NBA’s all-time leading scorers. His illustrious career spanned two decades, with much of it spent with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. Kareem’s consistency and scoring prowess allowed him to accumulate an astounding 38,387 points during his career.

3. Karl Malone (36,928 Points):

Karl Malone, often referred to as “The Mailman” for his ability to deliver on the court, is the second-highest scorer in NBA history. The power forward spent the majority of his career with the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers, amassing 36,928 points. Malone’s combination of strength, versatility, and durability made him a force to be reckoned with.

4. Kobe Bryant (33,643 Points):

Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, was a scoring sensation. The Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard left an indelible mark on the game, accumulating 33,643 points over his illustrious career. His fierce competitiveness and scoring ability earned him five NBA championships and numerous accolades.

5. Michael Jordan (32,292 Points):

Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, is fifth on the all-time scoring list. His scoring prowess and clutch performances with the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards earned him six NBA championships and 32,292 career points.

6. Dirk Nowitzki (31,560 Points):

Dirk Nowitzki, the iconic seven-footer with a sweet shooting touch, is one of the NBA’s most unique scorers. Spending his entire career with the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk amassed 31,560 points and brought a championship to the city of Dallas in 2011.

7. Wilt Chamberlain (31,419 Points):

Wilt Chamberlain, a legendary figure in basketball history, dominated the league during his era. The center’s incredible scoring feats, including his famous 100-point game, led to a career total of 31,419 points.

8. Shaquille O’Neal (28,596 Points):

Shaquille O’Neal, the larger-than-life center with a blend of power and agility, is eighth on the list. His career, which included stints with the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and other teams, resulted in 28,596 points.

9. Moses Malone (27,409 Points):

Moses Malone, a three-time NBA MVP, was a dominant force in the paint. His tenacity and scoring ability allowed him to achieve 27,409 career points while playing for various teams, including the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers.

10. Elvin Hayes (27,313 Points):

Elvin Hayes, known for his trademark turnaround jump shot, rounds out the top 10 scorers in NBA history. The power forward’s remarkable career spanned several teams, including the Washington Bullets and Houston Rockets, resulting in 27,313 points.

11. Hakeem Olajuwon (26,946 Points):

Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, a dominant center for the Houston Rockets, showcased an array of post moves and defensive skills. His remarkable career included two NBA championships and 26,946 points.

12. Oscar Robertson (26,710 Points):

Oscar Robertson, often called “The Big O,” was a versatile guard known for his triple-doubles and scoring ability. He played for the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks, accumulating 26,710 points during his career.

13. Dominique Wilkins (26,668 Points):

Dominique Wilkins, known as the “Human Highlight Film,” was a high-flying forward who wowed fans with his dunks and scoring prowess. He amassed 26,668 points during his career with the Atlanta Hawks and other teams.

14. Tim Duncan (26,496 Points):

Tim Duncan, the “Big Fundamental,” was a cornerstone of the San Antonio Spurs’ success. The power forward’s consistency and scoring ability contributed to five NBA championships and 26,496 career points.

15. Paul Pierce (26,397 Points):

Paul Pierce, known as “The Truth,” was a clutch scorer and versatile forward for the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, and other teams. He recorded 26,397 points during his illustrious career.

16. John Havlicek (26,395 Points):

John Havlicek, a legendary Boston Celtic, was known for his scoring, defense, and versatility. He secured 26,395 points during his career and was a crucial part of eight NBA championships.

17. Kevin Garnett (26,071 Points):

Kevin Garnett, the intense and versatile forward/center, was a dominant force for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, and other teams. He recorded 26,071 points during his illustrious career.

18. Carmelo Anthony (26,021 Points and Counting):

Carmelo Anthony, a prolific scorer, continues to add to his impressive point total. With his scoring ability and versatility, he has amassed over 26,000 points and counting.

19. Vince Carter (25,728 Points):

Vince Carter, known for his incredible dunks and scoring ability, enjoyed a lengthy career with multiple teams. He left the game with 25,728 points and a legacy as one of the NBA’s most electrifying players.

20. Reggie Miller (25,279 Points):

Reggie Miller, a sharpshooting guard for the Indiana Pacers, was known for his three-point shooting and clutch performances. He accumulated 25,279 points during his career and was a beloved figure in the basketball world.


The top 10 scorers in NBA history represent a diverse group of athletes, each with their unique style and contributions to the game. These players not only left an indelible mark on the sport but also inspired generations of basketball enthusiasts. As the NBA continues to evolve, new stars emerge, but the legacies of these scoring legends will forever be etched in the annals of basketball history.

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