Unveiling Android’s Hidden Treasures: Secret Codes and USSD Codes

 Unveiling Android’s Hidden Treasures: Secret Codes and USSD Codes Download App

Secret Codes

Android, the beloved open-source operating system, houses a plethora of hidden gems. These gems come in the form of secret codes and USSD codes that allow you to unlock obscure settings and access crucial information about your Android smartphone or tablet. Whether you own a device from Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, Oppo, Nokia, or another brand, these secret codes can open doors to behind-the-scenes configurations and concealed features.

Developers of Android OS tend to embed secret backchannels and easter eggs in the form of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) and secret codes. These codes are usually a combination of numeric characters and are activated by adding an asterisk (*) and a hash (#) before and after them. While not every Android user needs these secret codes, they can reveal valuable insights and functionalities that are otherwise hidden. However, if you’re looking for a master unlock code to free your phone’s bootloader, you might be chasing a wild goose.

Let’s explore some of the Android secret codes that can provide you with information and help you carry out certain tasks.

Major Android Secret Codes

The Android secret codes listed below offer a glimpse into your device’s inner workings and, in some cases, allow you to tweak specific settings. Keep in mind that code functionality may vary depending on your Android device’s manufacturer and the version of the operating system.

1. #06# – Display IMEI Number

This universally recognized USSD code allows you to view your device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Simply open your phone’s dialer and type *#06# to access your IMEI number.

2. ##4636## – Display Device Information

Entering this Android secret code reveals a wealth of network-related information. You can view details such as the IMEI number, phone number, IMSI number, network region, roaming status, data network type, signal strength, and download and upload bandwidth in KBPS. Additionally, this USSD code provides access to user statistics.

3. ##7780## – Perform a Factory Reset

If you need to reset your Android phone or tablet without navigating to the device settings or using ADB commands, you can use this secret code. It will erase all data, including media files, call logs, messages, and third-party apps, returning your device to its factory state.

4. 27673855# – Wipe the Phone and Reinstall Firmware

Unlike the previous code, which resets your device to factory settings, this USSD code goes a step further by not only formatting your phone but also reinstalling the firmware. However, be cautious when using this code as it can result in data loss.

5. #0228# – Check Battery Status

While not widely used, this code provides technical details about your Android device’s battery. It’s a handy feature if you’re troubleshooting battery-related issues.

6. #0# – Hardware Test Mode

Accessible on Samsung devices, this secret code may not work on non-Samsung Android devices. It activates the hardware test mode and displays 18 tiles on your phone’s screen. You can use these tiles to test various hardware modules, such as the display, vibration, camera, sensors, and more.

7. 43# – Enable Call Waiting

Call waiting is a feature found on most mobile phones, and you can easily enable it using this secret code. It’s a convenient way to receive notifications of incoming calls while you’re already on a call.

8. #67# – Check Call Forwarding Status

If you want to determine whether your phone calls are being forwarded to another number, dial this USSD code. A pop-up dialog box will display the phone number to which your calls are being forwarded.

9. #62# – Check Call Forwarding Status When Not Reachable

This code allows you to check the call forwarding status when your device is out of network coverage. If you’ve enabled call forwarding under these conditions, this code will provide the necessary information.

10. ##002# – Erase All Call Forwarding

Dialing ##002# clears all call forwarding settings on your phone. This code works on both Android and iOS devices.

11. 31# – Hide Caller ID

Use this secret code to hide your caller ID when making calls. It offers a convenient privacy feature that can be activated with a simple USSD code. You can also use #31# followed by a phone number to hide your caller ID for specific contacts.

12. #004# – Check Call Diversion Status

Whether you need to check your phone’s call diversion status, activate call diversion to a specific phone number, deactivate the service, or erase all call forwarding or diversion settings, this code can do it all. It offers multiple variations for different tasks.

13. #9090# – Open Diagnostic Configuration Screen

Dialing *#9090# on your Android device’s dialer opens the diagnostic configuration screen within the Service Mode menu. This screen provides access to intricate system settings, but be cautious and avoid making changes if you’re unfamiliar with the consequences.

14. #0011# – Service Mode

Entering this code takes you to the Service Mode screen on your Android device. It provides access to network configuration, MIPI (mobile industry processor interface) tests, and IMEI status tests.

15. #2222# – Check Hardware Version

This simple Android secret code displays the FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) Hardware version and its revision. It can help you determine whether a phone is refurbished or repaired.

16. #1234# – Check Software Version (Samsung & OnePlus)

For Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus devices, this code reveals the firmware version and model number of your device. On some Android phones, ##1234## provides similar information.

17. #12580369# – Check Software and Hardware Version (Samsung)

Designed specifically for Samsung devices, this secret code offers details about software versions (BL, AP, CP, and CSC). It also provides information on hardware revision versions and RF Cal (Radio Frequency Calibration) dates, which can serve as manufacturing dates.

18. #0283# – Check Audio Loopback Control

While checking the firmware version of your smartphone’s front or rear camera might not be a common task, this code provides insights into camera firmware.

19. #34971539# – Check Camera Firmware

This Android secret code is a rarity among the list, as it displays the camera firmware information. While not frequently used, it may come in handy for some users.

20. #9900# – Launch System Dump Mode

On some Android devices, *#9900# serves as a valuable secret code. For instance, if your phone is running low on storage space, you can use the “Delete dumpstate/logcat” option to free up memory. However, exercise caution with the settings available here, as they are not meant for casual users.

21. Change Android Device PIN

This USSD code allows you to change your Android device’s PIN directly from the dialer. The format for using this code is 04[old PIN][new PIN]*[new PIN]#.

22. Change the PIN of Your SIM Card

You can utilize these USSD codes to change your SIM card’s PIN and unlock it when inserting it into a different phone. The format for changing the SIM PIN is 04[Old PIN][New PIN][New PIN]# or 05[PUK][New PIN][New PIN]#.

23. #07# – Check Maximum SAR Level of Android Devices

This USSD code reveals the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value of your device. SAR measures the rate at which your body absorbs radio frequency energy emitted by your smartphone or wireless device.

Unlocking More Android Secrets

In addition to the secret codes mentioned above, there are numerous other Android secret codes and USSD codes that can offer insights and control over various aspects of your device. Keep in mind that the functionality of these codes may depend on your device’s manufacturer, model, and software version. To ensure you make the most of these hidden features, it’s a good idea to consult your device’s user manual or official manufacturer resources for guidance.

As technology continues to advance, new Android secret codes may surface, offering users additional tools and features to enhance their Android experience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about your device’s capabilities, these secret codes provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of Android. Unlock the secrets, explore hidden features, and make the most of your Android device.

Please note that the functionality and availability of these secret codes may vary based on your device’s manufacturer, model, and Android version. Use them with caution and ensure you understand their impact on your device.


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