Secret Codes for Android Devices: Unlock Hidden Features

 Secret Codes for Android Devices: Unlock Hidden Features

secret codes for android
Secret codes for android

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Secret Codes in Android smartphones are renowned for their versatility and customization options, but did you know that they hide a trove of secret codes capable of unlocking hidden features and diagnostic tools? These secret codes provide a backstage pass to explore your device’s capabilities beyond what the standard settings menu offers. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the fascinating world of secret Android codes and how to use them to uncover hidden gems within your device.

Unlocking the Secrets Codes

Before we dive into the extensive list of Android secret codes, it’s essential to understand how to use them. These codes can be entered via your device’s dialer or within specific menu options, depending on the code’s purpose. Most of them start with an asterisk (*) and end with a hash (#), with a combination of numbers, asterisks, and hash symbols in between. Once you enter the code, it will either run automatically or require you to press the call button to execute it.

Understanding the Categories Secret Codes

Android secret codes can be categorized into several types, each serving a unique purpose. Here are the main categories:

1. Universal Android Secret Codes

These secret codes are compatible with a wide range of Android devices, regardless of the manufacturer. They offer a peek into your device’s hidden functionalities.

2. Brand-Specific Secret Codes

Some secret codes are tailored for specific Android brands, and they may not work on all devices. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, and Google have their own sets of secret codes.

3. Android Secret Codes for Specific Functions

These codes are designed to access specific features or perform diagnostic tests on your device. They offer insights into particular aspects of your device’s performance.

The Universal Android Secret Codes

Here’s a selection of universal secret codes that work on various Android devices:

1. Find Your IMEI Number: *#06#

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identifier for your device. Dialing this code displays your IMEI number, which can be useful for tracking a lost or stolen phone.

2. Display Phone Information and Usage Statistics: *##4636##*

This code opens a menu revealing detailed phone information, including battery usage statistics and Wi-Fi details. It also allows you to set your preferred network type and run ping tests.

3. Check SAR Values and Regulatory Labels: #07#

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value indicates RF absorption by the body from your smartphone. Dial #07# to find your device’s SAR value and regulatory information.

4. View Software and Hardware Information: *#12580*369#

Access your phone’s software and hardware information without navigating through the Settings menu.

5. Find the MAC Address: *##232338##*

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a 12-digit identifier for network devices. This code helps you check your device’s MAC address, useful for privacy and network management.

6. View Calendar Information: *##225##*

Get an overview of the number of birthdays, holidays, and events in your linked Google calendars with this code.

7. Perform Google Play Services Diagnostic: *##426##*

If you encounter issues with Google Play Services, this code provides Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) diagnostics to assess the status of your Google Play Services.

8. Perform a GPS Test: *##1472365##*

Use this code to diagnose whether navigation issues on your device are hardware or software-related.

9. Turn On/Off Caller ID: *31#

Toggle the display of your caller ID (phone number) when making calls with this code.

10. Activate/Deactivate Call Waiting Services: *43#

Enable or disable call waiting services, notifying you of incoming calls while on another call.

11. Check Call Forwarding Status: *#67#

Verify whether call forwarding services are active on your device with this code.

12. Run a Factory Reset: *##7780##*

A factory reset deletes all data on your device. Only use this code if you’re certain you want to start fresh.

Brand-Specific Secret Codes

Different manufacturers have their own sets of secret codes. Here are some brand-specific codes you can try:

13. Samsung Secret Codes

  • *#1234#: This code provides information about the device’s firmware version.
  • *#0011#: Access the service mode menu to check the signal strength, SIM status, and more.
  • *#0808#: Configure USB settings.
  • *#2663#: Run a touch-screen test.
  • *#34971539#: Display camera information.

14. LG Secret Codes

  • 277634#*#: Open a service menu for LG devices.
  • 3845#*855#: Access the hidden GPS test menu.
  • ##7764726: Open a hidden service programming menu.

15. HTC Secret Codes

  • *##3424##*: Initiate HTC diagnostic tools.
  • ##775#: Reveal the activation menu.
  • *##4636##*: Access device information and usage statistics.

16. Sony Xperia Secret Codes

  • *##7378423##*: Open the service menu with diagnostic tests and information.
  • *##73556673##*: Reveal the hidden menu for Bluetooth testing.

17. Google Pixel/Nexus Secret Codes

  • *##34971539##*: Access the camera information menu for Pixel and Nexus devices.
  • *##4636##*: Display phone information and battery statistics.

Android Secret Codes for Specific Functions

These codes are designed to access specific features or perform diagnostic tests on your device. They offer insights into particular aspects of your device’s performance:

18. Battery Usage Stats: *##0289##*

This code reveals battery usage statistics, including information about your battery’s health and charge cycles.

19. Wi-Fi MAC Address: *##232338##*

Use this code to check your device’s Wi-Fi MAC address.

20. Bluetooth Address: *##232337##*

This code displays your device’s Bluetooth MAC address.

21. VoLTE Settings: *##86583##*

Get access to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) settings with this code, allowing you to configure VoLTE options.

22. Quick GPS Test: *#0#*

Conduct a quick GPS test to ensure your device’s GPS functionality is working correctly.

23. RAM Usage: *##3264##*

This code displays information about your device’s RAM usage and capacity.

24. Display Touchscreen Test: *#0#*

Check the functionality of your device’s touchscreen with this code.

25. NFC Test: *##73556673##*

If your device supports NFC (Near Field Communication), this code allows you to run a test.

26. Hardware and Software Information: *#12580*369#

Access a comprehensive display of both hardware and software information on your device.

27. Display Build Information: *##44336##*

This code shows build information, including the manufacturer’s name, device name, and model.


Exploring Android secret codes is like embarking on a journey through the hidden pathways of your smartphone’s capabilities. These codes can be incredibly useful for troubleshooting, accessing advanced settings, and gathering information about your device. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and avoid making changes that could impact your device negatively. If you’re uncertain about the purpose of a specific code, it’s best to refer to your device’s user manual or the manufacturer’s official resources for guidance.

As technology continues to evolve, new Android secret codes may emerge. These codes can provide users with additional tools and features to enhance their Android experience. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about what your device can do, these secret codes offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of Android. Unlock the secrets, explore the hidden features, and make the most of your Android device.

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